Dubstep Past, Present and Now the Future.. (a brief history)

dubsteps history of the music raves and culture

Dubstep Music has become one of the most famous, experimental genres / sub-genres in electronic music. Every party, and every radio station seem to be putting it in the limelight. Dubstep was introduced to the world in 2002 in South London, England and has taken the world by storm.

It was first introduced as an underground music genre during the year 1995-2000. It was very hard to master in the 90s. The heavy bass-line music was first witnessed in Jamaican cultures, and Jamaican speakers had a particular disco-driven sound which produced a high amount of bass frequencies.

There were very few artists who used Dubstep in their tracks, as it was still considered as underground music. However, there were still a few notable artists like Steve Gurley and Oris Jay, who eventually became famous for their own style of dubstep music. This kind of music inspired many companies to improve speaker technology in terms of frequency options, to create an emphasized bass-line.

After the development and evolution of the genre, many DJs using this genre emerged in 2003. The most well known was DJ Hatcha. In the year 2003, Hatcha had a particular signature move in Dubstep. He used big 8″ to 10″ dubplates to create a very dark clipped sound on a gig on Rinse FM. During the same year, an event called Filthy Dub was held, which is known as the first pure Dubstep event. This was the perfect platform for many DJs such as DJ Plastician, Skream, Benga, N Type.

By 2006, the entire world had seen and heard about Dubstep. This interested upcoming DJs  in this type of sound, as it was at its peak during 2005. Dubstep made its own name and got famous as a musical genre in 2005. Benga released a Dubstep album in the year 2007, followed by many other artists such as Coki and Burial. The Dubstep Scene just exploded with more and more artists and albums dedicated to for Dubstep Fans.

Later that year, Mystikz started his own combination of reggae, adding tribal sounds and jungle sounds. DJ Joe Nice, along with other artists, spread news of the fantastic new style to North America. Soon enough, people started seeing more and more clubs, which had their main theme as Dubstep, across San Francisco, Seattle, Montreal and Denver.

The famous Mary Anne Hobbs, a BBC Radio DJ, showcased her set of Dubstep tracks at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona. This has inspired many pop artists to use dubstep in their upcoming songs. One of the first people to use dubstep influences in her music was Britney spears.

The year 2009 saw the greatest number of hits in the Dubstep genre. This evolved into many extensions which other DJs added to their music. By this time, even Hollywood studios started featuring Dubstep artists in their movies. Dubstep has taken on many other new forms after 2009. The fan base is still growing and there are more and more artists coming out with albums influenced by dubstep every year.

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