Our Interview with Ayah Marar

Ayah Marar is a name you should know; dubbed ‘the queen of UK bass’ and with a loyal following of ‘bunheads’, Ayah has been putting in the work for years. She’s collaborated with Calvin Harris, Camo & Krooked, DJ Marky, Toddla T, Total Science and many of the finest bass music producers around. 2011 and 2012 have been massive for Ayah, so we caught up with her and asked her – How it all got started, How 1 million views on Youtube feels? and Who she plans on working with in the future.

1: Hello Ayah! You have been dubbed the “queen of UK bass music”. Tell us
how it all started for you and why you got into music?

Hello there! I started out helping to run a D&B night at university, which progressed on to running a D7B label, Lucky Devil Recordings. I had a 4 year DJ residency at Herbal, worked at a record shop, Uptown Records, for a while, and went on to start recording vocals for dance tracks and it all progressed from there. Now I own and run my own label, Hussle Girl.

2: What do you feel was your big break in your career?

I don’t know if there was one defining moment. Going on tour around the world with Calvin Harris definitely helped me build profile, and so many DJs and producers along the way who have taken the time to involve me in their projects, it’s a steady rise as opposed to one big thing, I think.

3: You’ve collaborated with Calvin Harris, Camo & Krooked, DJ Marky, Toddla
T and Total Science. Which of these artists did you enjoy working with the

I had better hope none of them are reading this, eh? To be honest, they’re all my boys, and they’ve all taught me different things, so I couldn’t single out one of them. I also love working with Chemo, Tenku and the man behind THE REAL, Will Simms.

4: The Cutline Remix of “Mind Controller” has now received over 1 million
views on UKF on Youtube. How does that feel?

Mental. Aboslutely mental. Who would have thought it?

5: Your new single “Unstoppable” was produced by Camo & Krooked. How
was it working with them and where did the inspiration for that track come

The guys are amazing. Reini is upfront and honest and has a very keen ear for mixes, and Markus is a lovely ball of energy, and together they’re truly a force to be reckoned with in drum and bass, that’s for sure.

6: Are you planning on working with some more Dubstep artists? If yes,
please tell us and if not, who would you like to work with?

Yes most definitely! I plan to do some more work with Funtcase, Caspa, Cutline and more, I’m a big fan of the scene.

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  1. This interview was great, it was really interesting hearing what Ayah had to say! Nice job as always, !! 🙂

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