An Interview with Dream

1. You seem to be one of the top risers in the bass music scene. So how does your life change with that?

My life hasn’t really changed that much apart from more parties and more people want to be my friend lol.

2. “This isn’t house” is your recent EP that came out on OWSLA. What made you mix up the genres house and (oldschool) dubstep?

I guess it was kind of a mistake I just did it without realizing what I was doing and then I though to myself it sounds kinder housey but kinder dubsteppy its not house so then I called it this isn’t house haha.

3. Do you think others will follow your lead and do you think your EP might be the start of a whole new genre?

I doubt it I mean it would be cool if I did start a new genre but the bass music scene is so diverse already it hard to start a new genre when there are already so many!

4. You have played alongside many big artists! What was your favorite show and with whom was it?

I have a few favorite shows I guess one was in Montreal with cutline had such a good night and it was the last show of my Canada tour so it topped everything off nicely and a skream and benga presents show I played at fabric in home city of London.

5. Are you going to have a tour at some time in the future?

For sure im working on getting my u.s tour sorted out and I have already played pretty much everywhere else.

6. And as last question, how did you get so much exposure and got supported by various big names in the scene?

Networking I guess and just making music that people like hard work pays off!

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