Dubstep 2011 (The Top 10 Round-up)

Top 10 Dubstep Tracks of 2011

Dubstep was huge in 2011. Here is our top 10 tracks of 2011 and why.

N.B – This is no way an Official Top 10, just our opinion on a great year for Dubstep in 2011.

10. Knife Party – Fire Hive

Many may be surprised to Knife Party in the top 10 for 2011 at all, but we feel that this track well deserved a spot. Fire hive has been killing dance floors around the globe while Knife Party have gaining in popularity. Im sure 2012 will be massive for the Pendulum side-project.

9. Monstar (Ft. Roly MC) – Put Ya Hands Up

Another potentially controversial entry at 9th, but this has been a feature tune in many of the top Dubstep DJs sets of 2011. This and the fact that we thoroughly enjoy skanking our socks off to this “dubstep-roller” is the justification for the top 10 dubstep of 2011 placing.

8. Roksonix – Music In Me

Catchy, jumpy and good to listen to on headphones or rumbling out of a supper-club funktion 1 sound system, this came out of no-where and blew everyones expectations out of the water. Roksonix is to produce a few more big hitters and then will be considered as part of the inner-circle.

7. Cutline – Runnin’

Decent vocals, catchy hooks and a lengthy intro. We love this dubstep epic, with the crazy progressive drop which reminds us of Mario on the NES.

6. Zomboy – Organ Donar

Pure filth, dirt and disgusting bass through-and-through. Zomboy breaks our eardrums for the 6th spot of 2011 dubstep chart. Zomboy has enjoyed much success in 2011 and 2012 will be bigger and better for him.

5. Labrinth (Ft. Tinih Tempah) – Earthquake (Noisia Remix)

The original, while commercial, was great. Then Noisia came along, tore up the entire track, devoured it whole and regurgitated this beautiful version of Earthquake with their signature aggression. Massive dubstep tune for 2011.

4. Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon

Past the top 5 and it gets alot harder to decide. We decided that one of the really big tracks of the year came from Flux Pavilion. That may be no surprise to you then that Bass Cannon blew our socks off and came back around for more. This is the closest release in 2011 that we had to what we would class as a Dubstep Anthem. Simply Epic.

3. Avicii – Levels (Skrillex Remix)

Late 2011 saw Avicii’s hugely popular ‘Levels’ remixed by one of the most loved, and most hated figures in the Dubstep Scene, Skrillex. Despite many grumblings about the production quality, the fan boys and the people that simply think Skrillex IS dubstep, he really knows how to get the crowd going and this is one release that highlighted everything good about Skrillex in 2011.

2. Nero – Promises (Nero & Skrillex Remix)

Nero surprisingly make it to 2nd in the top 10 round up for dubstep 2011. Nero offered many excellent tracks through 2011, this was by far the biggest and best once Skrillex assited with the remix.

Close call for 1st and second but we feel the next track was the biggest dubstep release of 2011.

1. Benny Benassi – Cinema (Skrillex)

Bass Cannon was closest thing we had heard to a Dubstep Anthem… Until we head Cinema. Dubstep that crowds of people sing along to before moshing, skanking and tearing up the dance-floor. Cinema was by far the single biggest dubstep release of 2011. Not necessarily the best (there was more high quality dubstep releases than the past 3 years put together in my opinion) but definitely the biggest.

Dubstep in 2011 rounded up..

You either love him or you hate him, but you simply cannot ignore the impact Skrillex has had on 2011. I think we will see many other artists start to overtake Skrillex in 2012 it will be exciting to see the year of dubstep unfold.. 2012 here we come!

What do you think?

Written by mAson


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  1. im sure theres alot of strong opinions on this, and I have to point out that this is my opinion.. what do you think? have you got your own top 10 dubstep tracks for 2011? Share it with us here!

  2. I knew Cinema would be number one and it was a rockin track but the Noisia remix of raise your weapon was massive. And look at how huge of a year it was for Feed Me and Zeds Dead. Skrillex is popular but beyond Cinema, he had zero tracks that I listened to more than once.

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