Choosing you Dubstep Software

Dubstep artists are people who love heavy bass and know just how to get that into their music. Most of the dubstep artists are self-taught and combine their passion for bass with the knowledge of the right kind of software to create mind-blowing songs that feature at the hottest clubs all over the world.

Of course this article is simply to inform users what software choices are available, but in the end it will come down to what you feel comfortable using, this is the only true way to produce excellent results when starting out producing Dubstep.

New Dubstep Software

New Dubstep Software will be released all the time, and in 2012 I think we will see further advances so keep your ear to the ground for new features and updates to your package you eventually choose.

Buying Dubstep Software Guide

The right kind of software goes a long way in producing the best tracks. Most dubstep software available on the market is inexpensive and all you need is a PC/MAC with good speakers to start creating your own tracks and maybe becoming a dubstep artist in the future. Some of the different kinds of software the dubstep artists use are:

  • Fruityloops:  Fruityloops is among the most affordable, effective dubstep software available. It is a full-fledged audio production station that lets you edit, mix and create amazing dubstep tracks and maybe become a great dubstep artist soon. It has a unique feature called the Fruit Slicer which lets you chop up breaks really fast and effectively.  A unique step based drum machine lets you create your own beats. It also includes a lot of voice samples, analog and digital noises, sounds and so on that you can add to your tracks. There are lots of versions of Fruity Loops available, so the price may be different for each version.


  • Cubase 5: Cubase 5 is the fifth version of dubstep mix creating software Cubase. It includes a drum sampler called Groove Agent One, which has virtual pads with 64 samples, and is easy to use. You can select filtering, pan, volume etc in a matter of a few tricks. There’s also a loop mash-up effect which slices grooves into other grooves. There are also some pitch-correction plug-ins and extras including a sample collection. You have to be careful using the auto-tuning and pitch correction though or you might end up with some undesirable effects.


  • Logic Pro: Logic Pro is a product from Apple and is basically a complete audio production software package used by dubstep artists to mix and create tracks. A unique feature of Logic Pro 9 is the Flexi Time feature which uses markers to identify the musical beats in the audio. Other great features include the EXS24 and the Drum Replacement command.


  • DUBTurbo: DUBTurbo is another music beat sequencing software that lets dubstep artists create lots of cool beats and effects for their music. It cost less than $50, so it’s very affordable for beginners who want to experiment with creating great dubstep sounds. DUBTurbo has received great reviews both for its cost and its effectiveness. The look and feel of the software is sleek and simple and it is easy to use. It has an online as well as an offline version so you can use whichever suits your convenience. It has an easy-to-use interface based on point, click and drag. It teaches you the basics and lets you practice well and eventually create awesome beats and effects.
In terms of Hardware, again it comes down to choice, and the dubstep version of the PC Vs Mac debate could rage for hours and go on for pages, you will have to find the set-up that works for you, although Apple Mac would have to be my choice.

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