What’s the purpose of this site?

The main purpose of MyDubstep is to promote music producers and artists to help them gain exposure to to their fans and the music industry. Users of our site can leave their feedback on posts and articles.

How do I promote and upload my dubstep track?

We have a page dedicated for you! You can submit your dubstep music through our website and promote to the entire MyDubstep community! We also have a MyDubstep SoundCloud profile where you can instantly promote your music through our dubstep network.

How can I be sure that the reviews and editorial are not biased?

We are 100% independent. That means that we are not bound by marketing directives or forced to promote certain artists or record labels above others. That means that our readers only see the very best in Dubstep News, Album Reviews and Artists Interviews.

I have spotted an error / bug, who do I tell?

We always aim to give our readers accurate and up-to-date information, sometimes errors can occur, and when they do we would like you to tell us. We are also in Beta-Testing as we are a brand new dubstep portal,
therefore we ask that any bugs are reported to: bugs@mydubstep.co.uk

Where are the adverts?

Currently there are no adverts displayed on mydubstep.co.uk. If you would like to find out more about advertising with us then please pop over to our advertising page.

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