Never Say Die Announce NDSX Membership Club

This June it was announced that digital sales over-took physical for the first time in UK music history, another stat that proves how we’ve come of age with respect to digital media, and proof that the battleground for sales between all formats is now arguably reaching a bit of a standoff.

With the popularity for platforms implementing portable strategies like iTunes, Beatport, subscription-based services such as Spotify and Deezer, apps for smartphones and iPads and online storage apps such as iCloud, the demand for products to be accessible, instant and mobile is cultivating and the said mix of trends are the catalysts to digital becoming king. As a result the on-demand subscription model the industry is adopting is a system flourishing with scope to substantially augment.

For labels that utilize all formats from digital to CD through to vinyl, it’s an area that constantly keeps them on their toes. Enter Never Say Die Records, a London based label featuring artists like SKisM, Datsik, Foreign Beggars, Excision, Zomboy, Skrillex and more. They have embraced this change in culture by opening the NSDX Membership Club, a model that delivers the three aforementioned trends expected by customers that have hastened digital growth.

While digital downloads offer a prompt gratification experience – physical products offer something tactile to identify with, and in that sense will always trump popularity. With this in mind Never Say Die have come up with a card for members that not only gives free access to selected Never Say Die live global shows, but also has a flip out USB plug that turns the card into an 8GB memory card.

The card comes with the whole Never Say Die back catalogue saved on it, the brand new album released with UKF this year 2012, all Never Say Die ‘Vol.s’ mixes and Never Say Die music videos, any future releases can also be downloaded directly on to the card via the website making the card fully functional and of course, mobile. The card was created with the mind-set to offer something that’s in keeping with the digital pros yet take its cons to build something that gives the feeling of the physical.

Being the content manufacturer, Never Say Die are also able to offer exclusive members only content such as exclusive previews, members only free tracks, advanced access to mixes and releases, and other exclusive material.


“It’s our fans who buy our music and we see it as integral to reward fans for their loyalty, doing so in a new, innovative and singular way. They make the family as much as the artists, label bosses and staff do. They invest their money in us, which allows for us to invest in new music and artists – it’s all relative.” Nick Sadler, Never Say Die Records Director


How does it work? Members pay the yearly membership subscription fee of £64.95 / $99 UK/US and receive:

  1. USB membership card that includes the entire NSD back catalog. Housed in a brushed sliver case.
  2. All digital releases for a year.
  3. Exclusive Black on Black T-Shirt.
  4. Free entry to selected NSD shows.
  5. 38mm Badge
  6. Exclusive members only content.
  7. Limited Offer * A free copy of the Never Say Die compilation CD featuring a DJ mix from SKiSM and instant download

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Never Say Die – NDSX – Membership

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