The Others – ‘The Way You Make Me’ EP // Out 30th July on Dub Police

The Others’ prolific work rate and consistently high quality output has made him the most released artist on Dub Police and an integral part of the label. Over the last few years he has put out a series of impressive original productions and remixes that are set to culminate in his debut artist album for the label, ‘Red Planet. Returning for the first time since last year’s ‘First Flight’ EP we are proud to announce the first single from the album, ‘The Way You Make Me’.

Leading track ‘The Way You Make Me’ presents a new evolution in The Others’ sound, drawing on elements of progressive house and classic rave to bring a sense of anthemic euphoria to his powerful soundsystem shaking productions. Utilising bright synths, twinkling keys and an emotive vocal hook to offset the stark drums and warping bassline, ‘The Way You Make Me’ is as evocative as it is ferocious giving The Others a chance to showcase his melodic prowess and songwriting abilities.

This is backed by three varied takes on the original that morph it into fantastically different shapes. French duo BeatauCue wire the synths to a sharp 4×4 beat, keeping the uplifting melodies intact as they build to a deep, rolling bassline and blasts of force. Brazilian drum and bass producer S.P.Y brings his trademark panache to the track flipping it on its head with some darker forces as he rolls out a techy bassline to balance out the soulful vocals while Playaz lynchpin Original Sin drops a heavy tearout drum and bass alternative. A second original track ‘Bad Taste’ rounds off the EP bringing it back to the darkside. Led by the menacing intro, The Others unleashes a rude bassline that ricochets across the track slicing apart everything in its path. Deadly!

Having firmly set his stall at the front of an ever evolving movement in bass led electronic music, with the forthcoming release of his debut album Alex Crawford, AKA The Others, is set to write his name indelibly on the scene.

The Others – The Way You Make Me

(Dub Police – DP070)

1.The Way You Make Me
2.The Way You Make Me (BeatauCue Electro Mix)
3.The Way You Make Me (S.P.Y Remix)
4.The Way You Make Me (Original Sin Remix)
5.Bad Taste

Release Date: Mon 30th July 2012

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