Interview with Cory Schneider from DubstepCuresCancer

In today’s feature we caught up with Cory Schneider! Cory is the founder of what is now a becoming a very successful charity; ‘DubstepCuresCancer‘. For those of you that don’t know, ‘DubstepCuresCancer‘ started in March 2011 in Florida and has since raised $5000 for Cancer Research selling merchandise and holding events, and has had major support from dubstep artists such as: ‘Modestep, Flux Pavillion and Skream’.

We asked Cory about the foundations of the charity, the merchandise and what’s in store for the future.

1: Cory! Tell us how it all started and exactly how the charity works?

DubstepCuresCancer started when one day I blurted those words out to my roommate.  We were going through youtube comments along the lines of “Dubstep is so filthy that…” and somehow “it cures cancer” popped into my head.  Those words were so catchy that I decided we just had to run with it.  We started the youtube channel and pretty quickly people liked the idea, so we ordered merchandise to transition from a name and awareness to a brand making donations.

We make donations when we feel the time serves (such as donating to Breast Cancer Research during BC awareness month), and have a standing donation of $1,000 to a different cancer foundation for every 10,000 likes we get on FB.  Facebook has been the backbone of our company, helping us reach every corner of the globe.

[quote]We were going through youtube comments along the lines of “Dubstep is so filthy that…” and somehow “it cures cancer” popped into my head.[/quote]


2: Was there a reason you decided to donate to Cancer Research and not another charity?

It was predominantly because that was already the name, but it’s also because cancer is such a killer.  I’ve lost two aunts to breast cancer and a good majority of the people who talk to me about DCC have similar stories.  Cancer afflicts so many worldwide and it affects even more.

3: What merchandise is currently available and are you planning on releasing anymore?

We have DCC t-shirts in white and black, Fuck Bitches Cure Cancer t-shirts in white and black and Daily Dose t-shirts in purple.  We also have glow in the dark bracelets, trucker hats, girls panties and drawstring backpacks (all viewable/purchasable at

There are many things in the works when our budget allows it.  V-necks, tank tops and sweatshirts will be available for all of our designs, new designs and color schemes, etc.  We also plan to have more accessories and items, mostly focused on rave apparel.  High socks, bandanas, there are even people offering to make kandi accessories for us to sell.


4: You have been selling merchandise at events in the USA, can we expect to see you at any events in the UK in 2012?

We’re working on building relationships with people interested in working as representatives for us, as it would cost quite a bit for myself and the merchandise to make it out there.  When we have everything set each of our representatives will have the same inventory that I currently bring out. Although, I would really love it if I could come out personally, as the UK has been our top seller outside of the US.  Getting to see the venues and places where dubstep all started would be a fun pilgrimage.

5: What do you think the next step will be for the charity?

The most major step is filing for tax exempt status.  It will open up so many doors for us because we can then go out and solicit donations from companies whether its money or equipment.  Of course, that’s taking extra time right now as we need a lawyer to help file (because when it comes to the IRS, you want all of your ducks in a row)

6: We noticed you have some pretty sick ink on your body, can you tell us an interesting story behind one of your tattoos?

There aren’t that many stories behind them actually; I’m a big movie buff so I have a few movie related tattoos (Finding Nemo, Silence of the Lambs, etc). It’s not so much the individual tattoos that have individual meanings, its being tattooed and looking how I want that helped me break out of my shell and become the person I am today. Just being happy with your ink goes a long way.

[quote]Thanks for taking the time to interview me, and also a big thank you to all of the fans and supporters.  We really wouldn’t have accomplished much without all of the help we’ve received.[/quote]

Please take the time to visit DubstepCuresCancer and get yourself the t-shirt.
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