N-TYPE – Psychedelic Input

Free Dubstep, brand new from N-TYPE is his latest track -Psychedelic Input. This little gem has some seriously crazy sounds going on, with deep wobble bass and some mind-bending synth to boot, one more mushroom and I would be really tripping out!

This psychedelic dubstep trip takes you on a screwed up journey and progressing with a fairly relaxed bass line that allows the more mellow side of your personality come to the fore. The whole affair is decidedly chilled, something that is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination; after all dubstep is a stereo-typically up-front and aggressive form of electronic dance music, that some times gets pigeon-holed too easily. Diversity in the sub-genre is what drum and bass lacked so badly 4 years ago, and this definately shows that although it may be relatively young, dubstep is streets ahead of its older cousin, Drum & Bass.

We haven’t featured much of NTYPE Dubstep sounds here, so do expect more to be posted really soon.

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Written by mAson


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