Noisia – Split the Atom (Kito Remix)

Hotter than just her looks, Kito has remixed Noisia’s Split the Atom in a surprising and original way on the forth-coming Split The Atom: Special Edition’ which is due to be released on mau5trap records on 27th February, featuring an all new remix package.

Kito is an Australian producer currently based in sunny London, UK. She hasnt had many big hitters although this track is angular, cut up, edgy and down-right durrrty! Other tracks by Kito worth a mention would be Run for Cover and Sweet Talk.

With several artists, producers and DJs making that bridge to the pop/mainstream successfully, I think that Kito would cater for this market due to her unique style and catchy hooks.

Noisia of course will be no stranger to you all, look out for them next time your looking for a decent live dubstep act as they punch you below the belt and stamp on your head while your down with their aggressive style; an exilirating experience!

[youtube GaYW1y_06JI] Artist Profile on Kito

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Written by mAson


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Noisia – Split the Atom (Kito Remix)