SIRsir v. Beeshop – Suicide Girl

Lucas Silveira, AKA Sao Paulo based producer SIRsir AKA singer songwriter Beeshop, has quickly established himself in both the EDM and acoustic worlds. With scant regard for genres, his unique sound fuses together his individual set of influences into something completely his own. Here he plays the two projects off against each other to create a track that is a flurry of juxtapositions and as powerful as it is moving.

SIRsir vs. Beeshop - Suicide Girl

Opening on a bed of soft synths and smooth arpeggios, his soft, autotuned vocals float through the mix on ‘Suicide Girl’ as the cavernous half-step drumbeat echoes through the space. Rushing into a 4×4 breakdown, the outbreak of snares and rising synths give way to shattering bass manipulations that judder through the track. Switching up between the growling bassline and euphoric synth progressions, the vocal refrain ties the track together.

Fellow Brazillian FTAMPA steps up on remix duties. Having been a multi-instrumentalist from a young age, the prodigious talent has immediately made an impact with his electronic productions. He channels the same energy and power into his remake, twisting it through his own sound to create something completely new. Building on clipped chords and broad atmospheric washes, the track tunnels into a powerful electro house track. Led by the warped, punchy bassline, colourful bursts of colour shoot through the track while the vocals are chopped into parts and re-assembled to work through the groove of the track.
SIRsir vs. Beeshop - Suicide Girl

2012 marks the next chapter for this Brazillian producer. With the release of ‘Suicide Girl’ and plenty more music on the way, worldwide recognition is awaiting Lucas Silveira.

SIRsir vs. Beeshop – Suicide Girl

Release Date: Mon 23rd April 2012

 Check out the preview below:
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