Interview with SIRsir

Exclusive Interview with SIRsir!

Lucas Silveira, AKA Sao Paulo based producer SIRsir AKA singer songwriter Beeshop, has quickly established himself in both the EDM and acoustic worlds. With scant regard for genres, his unique sound fuses together his individual set of influences into something completely his own.

We caught up with Lucas and asked him about his background, how he got into Dubstep and his most recent single “Suicide Girl”.

1: We know your originally from Brazil?  Tell us about the Dubstep scene in South America, How it all started for you and why you started producing?

Electronic music is a big deal in Brazil since I was a little kid, dancing to my brothers’ vinyl LP’s of acts such as Information Society, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Erasure, Noel, etc… so to me it’s a really common thing to listen, even though I’m more of a rock’n’roll pal. I started paying attention to the EDM scene again when I was 15 or so, when Prodigy released ‘Fat Of The Land’. That was heavy, and revolutionary. After that, I began listening to Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method, and all those bands from the early ’00’s. Justice made the perfect mix between disco & rock & electronic dance, and turned lots of rockers’ heads here in Brazil, including mine, that was already really into it. But Justice made me try my first incursions into producing and recording something electronic. It was 2008. But, the way I see, dubstep really took too long to become a big thing in Brazil (now it is!).

I remember spinning Skrillex’s tracks on alternative parties and looking at people staring at me with a huge question mark in their eyes, like they were saying ‘how the fuck will I dance to this?’. But it has changed a lot on the last months. Skrillex act on Lollapalooza was HUGE, thanks to the sudden popularization of dubstep music, speacially amongst kids who usually used to listen to these metalcore bands. They all love not just Skrillex, but all of these guys doing heavy half-step stuff. It really sounds a lot like metalcore, sometimes, and this similarity kinda exploded a scene that was really small couple years ago. Purists may protest, saying ‘that’s not dubstep’ and all that, but who cares? People are having fun, listening to fresh new high quality music.

2: Where did the name SIRsir come from?

I kinda keep a list of cool things that cross my mind through the days. Song names, nice ideas, and yes, band names. SIRsir’s name came before this project really existed. I think it’s strong, and it’s not supposed to mean anything. It’s just SIRsir.

3: Which artists past and present are you influenced by?

I can say that I’m highly influenced by Justice, SebastiAn, Daft Punk, Skrillex, and Muse. Put those on a blender, add some personal experiences and family background, low-to-medium piano skills, passion for orchestral music and there’s me.

SIRsir vs. Beeshop - Suicide Girl

4: Your most recent single Suicide Girl has a unique style fusing so many different types of music together. How did this all come about?

This fusion appears on everything I do. Mom used to play keyboards, and acoustic guitar, and my father is a folk composer. Besides that, my older brothers brought me into ‘adolescent music’ way before I could even call myself an adolescent, so I got in contact with so many different types of music in my early life that this huge mix is part of my DNA now. I’ve got some different project, and they go from mellow piano-symphonic samba (Visconde) to traditional big-band-jazz-music (Beeshop). And there’s a rock band called Fresno in the middle of it all, and that’s how I roll!

5: Is there anyone you really wanna work with at the moment?

I would really like to focus on writing a dance album, but without the intention of getting 100% involved with it’s production. I have a SIRsir album coming out soon, and by listening to it’s parts that are already done, I can say that I’m not the quintessential EDM producer. There’s always a pop/rock approach to everything that I do, even when it is all about synthesizers and beats. But sticking to the question, I would love to work with FelGuk, that is a huge duo from Brazil, and why not putting some vocals on a Deadmau5 track as booming as Ghosts’n’Stuff.

6: What have you been working on recently? And what do you have in store for us in this year?

Got some 8-to-10 tracks that have been done for a while, but I don’t want to release them as singles. I want to come with a full album. But for that to happen, I feel that I need to finish some other 2 or 3 songs. That won’t be dubstep-ish at all (except for Suicide Girl and 1 or 2 other songs), it’ll be mostly like heavy nu disco with a fresh coat of 80’s arpeggio sounds mixed with heavily-orchestrated parts and, yes, guitars!

7: Any big gig dates our fans can look forward to this year and which countries will you be touring?

I’m currently working hard on my band’s album, so touring with SIRsir will be delayed at least until summer comes (your summer, not ours!), but I wish to visit as many countries as possible through my music.

Our Funny Question!!!

8: If you died and was born again as an animal. What would you like to be and why?

I would love to get back on earth as a lynx or some other sort of exotic predator! They’re awesome. A Bengal Tiger, maybe. Or a mammoth, but then we would have to travel back some 50000 years in time.

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