Release Date:

Bass mix package – 14th May 2012

Full package – 28th May 2012

The Word’ on the street is that Wideboys are back with a bang and a banger! Having come through the ranks of UK garage, bassline, house and electro with a slew of big releases, their broad array of influences and refusal to be pigeon holed has led them to the freer realms at the forefront of bass music. This open-minded attitude to their productions is in full evidence with ‘The Word’, the third release on their new flagship label World Wide Phonographics.

Having collaborated with Sway & McLean on the much loved ‘Shopaholic’ and with Boy Better Know, Majestic and MC B-Live on ‘In The VIP’, the boys are now kicking back to the old skool Roger Troutman influenced electronic sounds of yesteryear on their latest offering and getting deep in to their much treasured talkbox synth whilst keeping the production futuristic and cutting edge.

[quote]“For us ‘The Word’ came about after listening to loads of people’s opinions about music and where it should and shouldn’t be. In the end you have ‘just got to do you’. It’s a personal record about belief in oneself and having confidence to place your balls on the line with what you do, and in our case that is for the music we love. That kind of vibe cannot be faked.”[/quote]


‘The Word’ has immediately picked up support form some of the UK’s leading tastemakers. From Annie Mac and Danny Howard playing it on their Radio1 shows to Andi Durrant on Capital and Steve Smart on Kiss – where it has been added to the KISS fresh playlist – it is quickly becoming a staple in a diverse range of DJs’ record bags.

The single comes with a diverse selection of mixes from The Wideboys, Project Bassline, Cause N Affect, Koncept, Deckscarr, Crissy Cris and Vince Nysee. The ‘Bass Mix’ package will be released through iTunes on 14th may, with the full commercial house mix package coming on the 28th May and including the lead Radio Mix.


Ed Craig and Jim Sullivan, AKA Wideboys, are an internationally renowned and prolific South Coast DJ and production duo. They have sold nearly 1 million compilations with Ministry Of Sound across their ‘Addicted To Bass’, ‘Garage Classics’ and ‘Maximum Bass’ brands, host a weekly National Kiss radio show and can boast a wealth of remix and production credits for the likes of Beyonce, Wretch 32, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna and Example to name just a few.

Bass mix package – 14th May 2012

1. The Word (Crissy Criss Drumstep Mix)
2. The Word (Crissy Criss Dum & Bass Mix)
3. The Word (Deckscar Mix)
4. The Word (Koncept Mix)
5. The Word (UKG Mix)


Full package – 28th May 2012

1. The Word (Radio Edit)
2. The Word (Club Mix)
3. The Word (Dub Mix)
4. The Word (Cause N Affect Mix)
5. The Word (Project Bassline Radio Mix)
6. The Word (Project Bassline Club Mix)
7. The Word (Vince Nysse’s ‘Electro On Fire’ Remix)



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