Skrillex – First Of The Year (Equinox)

Skrillex released this track just over 4 weeks ago now, and I think this could easily class as a future classic. Still one a pinnacle in most dubstep djs and club djs sets with dance floors simply being torn apart.

Skrillex seems to becoming under a lot of criticism at the moment by a lot of by self-proclaimed Dubstep Fans, however in my eyes any artist of any genre of music that is pushing things forward, gaining momentum in the mainstream media and becoming “Commercial” does nothing but help Dubstep and ultimately the entire scene.

More people want to DJ, new artists will spring up and the music will go further than it could if it simply stayed underground.

Lets hope Dubstep doesn’t go the way of the Drum & Bass fraternity.. the most pretentious of them all!

[youtube TYYyMu3pzL4]

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