Snow Patrol – In The End (Whateverman Remix)

Whateverman aka Zane Lowe hasn’t been featured on our New Dubstep website before, and neither has his Dubstep Remixes been posted, so lets change that immediately!

According to UKF:

Whateverman is the evil twin of renowned taste-maker DJ Zane Lowe. It’s no secret that Zane is a huge fan of bass music having helped break both drum&bass and dubstep on radio and including it in his DJ sets all around the world. In recent years he has turned his attention to mastering his art in the studio, and this epic remix is testament to the fact that he has done exactly that.

Snow Patrol have had there mellow music ripped apart with a devastating Dubstep Remix on the track – In The End.

This is a new track for 2012 and certainly a worthy of a mention here. UKF Dubstep have also been pushing this track fairly hard across their music channels on youtube and on the dubstep forum.

According to Wikipedia, Two weeks after the music video release, UKF Dubstep, uploaded a Whateverman’s remix of the original song on its YouTube channel, that in less than a month reached 1 million views. Pretty Impressive stats I’m sure you will all agree. Enjoy!

[youtube 73X3q7xX27E]

What do you think?

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