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Subscape – Graveyard Shift (E.A.R.T.H)

Subscape’s ‘Elements’ EP consists of four separate releases, each accompanied by a special video tying in with the element that they are representing. Out now on Dub Police is part three of the inspirational EP – “Graveyard Shift”.

‘Graveyard Shift’ is dedicated to the ‘earth’ element, bringing a more poignant note to the EP. The ethereal atmospheres and rich percussion of the intro set the tone as the track’s rumbling bass notes and soaring synths create a climactic crescendo.  This sinister video focuses on a stomach turning affair, involving a young man burying a corpse. In the midst of digging the grave, lighting a cigarette, and making his way to the car boot, you instantly get a worrying thought of what he is about to unveil…

‘Graveyard Shift’ is a brilliant illustration of how far Subscape has come as a producer and innovative artist, cementing his position as one of the most restlessly creative and unique producers in dubstep.

We feel that this is by no means a masterpiece from Subscape but is still a great track. Chilled and mellow Dubstep is just something we are not used to hearing from Subscape.

Subscape – ELEMENTS – Graveyard Shift is out now on Dub Police.

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