New Dubstep Foreign Beggars Ft. Skrillex – Still Getting It (Zomboy Remix)

“What? More New Dubstep! Go ahead then..”

Zomboy. Skrillex. What more could you want? Its like the super-showdown of two evil brothers plotting world domination using a bass-laser-cannon. Simply Epic! This huge track with leave you salivating and wanting more.

Turn on your subwoofer, crank down your windows and wind up the neighbours and anyone else within a 4 mile radius and host your own mini-rave in your room with this fantastic new dubstep track.

Would like more please!

[youtube hnbBFdxFs1o]

Find out more about Zomboy & Skrillex here:!/SKRILLEX

What do you think?

Written by mAson


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