Truth – Direct Blow

New Dubstep this time from Truth’s latest dubstep release on GetDarkers record label in the form of a Direct Blow to your eardrums.

Revolving around a huge initial drop and keeping up the pace and pressure throughout, this is an excellent new addition to any dubstep djs record bag for the festive face-melting season. Truth offers a truely back-to-basics feel, with old school vibes running through the core of the music they are currently releasing.

As you may probably already know, the New Zealand Dubstep Scene is simply huge and the moment and Truth are a production collective from the beautiful land of the Kiwi.

Truth – Direct Blow is the third new dubstep release on Get Darker Records, and I think its a quality choice, nothing less than you would expect from the world renowned and extremely well respected Get Darker brand.

Im sure you will enjoy this track if you enjoy high quality dubstep, honestly made and ruthlessly served up. Get your headset on, crank up the bass and go crazy!

[youtube MRmZ4NoJOz8]

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Written by mAson


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