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One To Watch – dotEXE

dotEXE (not dot EXE or .exe) is a new dubstep artists that I have recently come across, and seems to be gaining lots of support in the community and also good feed back on both produced and remixed tracks.

My personal favourite is titled “One More Chance” and is a fairly robotic affair with lots of electro vocal sounds, a steady and sure beat and a choppy, moody and techno-esque drop.

Another new dubstep track definately worth a listen is the DotEXE Remix of – Meg & Dia – Monster which is possibly a future classic in my books! The deep and dirty drop definitely hits the spot, and the vocals leave you wanting more and more!

dotEXE is a self-proclaimed Dubstep Producer that vows to do things differently, and from first impressions, the new-kid-on-the-block from Chicago is doing just that.

I will be following his progress with interest.

DotEXE Dubstep Links

DotEXE Official Facebook Page
DotEXE Official SoundCloud Page

What do you think?

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  1. It really is incredible how music has evolved. I’d kill to travel back in time, to say, 1955..pick up a cool beatnik person in their 20s and then take them to a dubstep live show in 2011. I imagine the experience would overwhelm and awe them. Because we’re right in it, we take for granted how forward-thinking and ecstatic this music is. The archaic revival is in full swing indeed. This music is the marriage between 10,000BC primal dancing around a fire and a 10,000AD entheogenic auditory orgasm.

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